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Anyhow the flavor is very unadulterated and I find it highly relaxing.

It also stays on the pallet for a while after smoking so I usually find myself wondering when I can get the next bowl! I usually sit down and allow time to smoke every last bit in the bowl, as even the dottle is not overwhelming like other tobaccos I have tried.

Smells too sweet in the tin, but doesn't smoke that way.

The flakes are delightfully moist and any attempt to dry them would be immoral.

So flavorful was this tobacco that it's reception in England was overwhelming. Like Mother's comfort food, Samuel Gawith's FVF satisfies us because it is simple, and simply, good.

Demand skyrocketed from a little known or used product to a popular pastime. You don't have to put this brand in a cellar for 20 years to enjoy it, or search the far corners of the earth to find it, or pay dearly to buy it.

I usually do 2 or 3 charring lights depending on the moisture. I spent summers on my grandmothers farm (mentioned briefly above) and that taste is unmistakable.

What saved the remaining intrepid souls and their colony at Jamestown? Seedlings from the Caribbean blossomed in the inviting Virginia soil & climate and Virgina-Type tobacco was born. Sometimes we try too hard, and seek too fiercely, that which has always been.

I like knowing that everything is perfect and undisturbed in that tin until I open it, and that specifically includes proper moisture content.

But it seems everyone is out of FVF so I resorted to ordering in bulk, specifically the original 500g box that comes direct from Samuel Gawith.

Ash is always a white/gray color and smoke is a thick creamy white.

My live in room note adviser (AKA my wife) says the room notes are very tolerable, and she like the smell.

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