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He took to Twitter afterwards to thank the NYPD for 'keeping my fans safe'.

When Kim Kardashian posted her Snapchat takedown of Taylor Swift last July, she officially landed herself on the singer's bad blood list. Some are ex-lovers, some are ex-friends, some are straight haters, and a few of them she's pals with now.

While his 8.5 million young followers may be impressed with his antics, his neighbors are not.He has nothing but nice things to say: On the relationship itself: "I think: Relationships are hard, at any age. Meeting someone new, sharing those experiences, it's the best shit ever.And adding in that you don't really understand exactly how it works when you're 18, trying to navigate all that stuff didn't make it easier. Earlier this year, Paul landed himself in trouble after he filmed himself hiding in the bathroom of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building after attending a Social Media Event at the White House.Although he claimed he spent several hours there before leaving in the early morning, sources confirm the video was fake and actually just filmed during the event.

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