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It should be noted that the service no longer offers ambient mic and camera controls to record phone surroundings.

Flexi Spy closely follows m Spy as a cellphone spy software leader, and also has a longstanding service dating back to 2007.

In the last couple of years, they have become the best selling spy app and offer a wide range of features including support for Snapchat and Tinder.

Another notable feature is their i Phone No Jailbreak solution that allows limited i Cloud monitoring without having a jailbroken i OS device.

If you happen to be looking for mobile spy monitoring or tracking tools, it helps to have some expert advice help you find the right software for your needs and avoid any scams or dangerous apps advertised all over the internet.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of cell phone tracking and monitoring apps, there are many fake virus apps or untrustworthy services to watch out for.

The main reproachable aspect of their service is the fact that they actively market to the ‘cheating spouse’ audience, even though it may be illegal for most regions.

Otherwise, the app has tested well on multiple tests we ran across different platforms and cellphone models.

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Due to their longstanding and continual positive customer feedback, they have garnished a proven track record as a leader in monitoring and tracking apps for cellphones, mobile devices, and even computers.

You may need anti-theft protection, Skype and Feacebook messenger logging, GPS tracking, blocking access to certain websites or incoming calls and so forth.

We have tested and reviewed each app to ensure it performs as promised.

Offering an almost identical list of features, Flexi Spy has retained the ability to listen and record phone surroundings.

The cost of service is pricier than most of their competitors, but justified with how well the spy software works.

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